Bali is a tropical island, which means for us westerners that there are ‘strange’ bacteria en infections everywhere.


  • Drinking water: Tap water is no drinking water. Drinking water is available at supermarkets, in plastic bottles and gallons of 5 liters. It is advisable to use bottled water even for cleaning teeth. Diarrhea is very annoying and can last a few days and this would be a waste of your holiday.

  • Infections: Considering the high temperatures on Bali and the fore mentioned presence of strange bacteria and other microorganisms even small wounds and scratches can easily get infected. Disinfect wounds as soon as possible with Dettol and/or Betadine. In case you didn't bring a first aid kit with you there is a simple kit available in the house.

  • Sun: Don't expose your skin to the sun for a long time. The tropical sun is a real 'killer' for our white skin and you will soon end up with a severe sunburn. Even for short periods: apply a protective cream or milk with at least factor 30.

  • Rabies: The Balinese nature is abundant and there is life everywhere, stray monkeys, reptiles, insects and many stray pets. Sadly enough there is also rabies on Bali. So how cute these animals may seem: DO NOT TOUCH THEM!!

  • Diarrhea: Together with diarrhea occurs dehydration and loss of electrolytes (salts). Advice: keep drinking and eating. It is best to drink the local readily available isotonic sports drink, Pocari Sweat. It contains moisture and also contains salts that, given the isotonic character of the drink, are fast absorbed in the body.

    Should unexpectedly something go wrong, there is a travel clinic nearby (24 hours service), please ask our staff. You must definitely have a good travel insurance!
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