Day 5. Simple Sentences




For the next three days, you should build a vocabulary that is important to your daily existence. If you spend a lot of time in restaurants, learn the names of food. If you like shopping for local handicrafts, learn their names and substitute into the sentences here. 

Learn at least five new nouns and five new verbs that are useful to you. These phrases aren't guaranteed get you a better room at the Wisma Delima, for that you need a teacher or more time with a phrase book. These phrases, though will ensure that you won't go hungry on your fifth day. 

Before heading out for the day, memorize a couple of new words you will need to know for the day's activities. Write them down and give youself a quiz. Bring the paper you wrote them down on. 

You should have noticed by now that many foreign, especially English, words are commonly used by Indonesians: hotel, taxi, film, bank, photocopy, photo, beer, restaurant, McDonald's and toilet will likely be understood. Be on the lookout for these words in advertisements and other signs. It's an easy way to add to your vocabulary. A more extensive list of these similar words is provided on the next page.

Vocabulary Day 5.

Saya mau ...(insert noun or verb, for example: Saya mau kue. Saya mau minum.)

I want ... (noun | "to" verb) for example, I want cookies. I want to drink.

Saya minta (kopi)

I would like some |coffee| (noun | "to" verb)

Ada (rokok) ?

Do you have any cigarettes (noun)?

Di mana saya bisa beli (baju) ?(insert noun)

Where can I buy shirt (noun)?

Saya suka (buku ini).(insert noun or verb)

I like (this book) (noun or verb).

Saya mau beli (sepatu). (insert noun)

I want to buy shoes (noun)

Berapa [ini | itu]?

How much is [this | that]?


How [much | many]?








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