Day 3. More Politeness




On your third day, you are beginning to get used to the new time-zone, the smells and the food. This is about the time that you realize you're not in Kansas any more and you left Toto back home. 

Indonesians are very good at helping you get over culture shock. They like to chat and find out about people and to tell you about themselves. 

You will be stopped on the street and asked your age, name and address. Don't take it too seriously and you don't have to give a straight answer. These are simply polite questions, to answer "Where are you going?", "Over there.", "Ke sana" is good enough.


Vocabulary Day 3.

Dari mana?

Where are you from? (For some reason, Indonesians are very good at spotting foreigners.)

Saya dari Amerika.

I am from United States.

Sudah lama di [Indonesia | sini]?

Have you been [in Indonesia | here] very long? (Again, a polite question, but you are really being asked how long you have been here.)

Saya sudah dua [hari | minggu] di [Indonesia | sini].

I have been [in Indonesia | here] for two [days | weeks] already.

Sudah kawin?

Are you already married? (Another polite question, not often a pick-up line.)

Sudah punya anak?

Do you have any children? (a popular topic)

[Sudah | Belum].

[Already | Not yet].

Di mana dompetku ?

Where is my wallet ?

Berapa umurnya?

How old are you? (Another common, polite question.)

Tinggal dimana?

Where do you live?







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